Despite the fact that I’ve never been to Mexico, I think the food (or at least the version we have here) is delicious. For me, Mexican food has become my go-to cuisine when I want to create a tasty meal, with big flavours, quickly.

I’m not sure when Mexican cuisine became synonymous with mid-week suppers for me, but I reckon it’s probably got a lot to with the DIY Mexican food kits available in the supermarket. My all-time favourite is Old El Paso’s smoked barbecue fajita seasoning. So when I was asked to try out one of Old El Paso’s new kits, I couldn’t resist seeing what their new flavours were.

Cook like the locals

I choose to try the Steak Carne Asada, primarily because my fussy boyfriend loves his steak, so this seemed a sure fire way to get him to try something new. The kit came with everything I needed, from the tortillas, meat seasoning and guacamole seasoning. I just had to supply the meat, avocados and peppers.

With clear, simple instructions on the back, I was tempted to let my boyfriend (who cannot cook) make the meal because Old El Paso holds your hand through the entire process. I was able to create this meal in under 15 minutes and, at the rate it was demolished by both of us, I think it’s safe to say it was incredibly tasty. I particularly liked the guacamole seasoning which jazzed up the avocado wonderfully.

Old El Paso’s kits are never going to create gourmet meals, and if I’m honest, they definitely appeal to the lazy cook inside me. Everything is done for you, so it takes away any creativity in creating your own spice mixes and seasonings. Having said that, sometimes on a Wednesday evening I want something easy to make, that requires little thinking but is still delicious and flavourful.  And this kit fit the bill perfectly.

It’s always nice to bring world flavours into your kitchen at home. The only thing preventing me feeling like a true Mexican local was the lack of a sombrero in my Carne Asada food kit. Maybe next time, Old El Paso?

Bite-sized review of Old El Paso Kits

Old El Paso’s kits are the perfect way to re-create Mexican dishes at home. With everything included in one kit, this is like cooking by numbers. And if Old El Paso wants to help build people’s confidence in exploring new flavours and creating tasty dishes, then these kits are right on the money. They are simple, yet create really flavourful meals. I’ve never tried authentic Mexica cuisine, but these kits definitely make me feel like I’m cooking like a local.

*All views and opinions expressed are my own.