In 2015, after a serious illness, I was forced to make some changes in my life, both to my diet and my lifestyle. As I started to write about food and the recipes I was creating to heal myself, I discovered this is where my true passion lies.

I absolutely adore my food, both eating and cooking it, and all my recipes are tried and tested in my own kitchen with my limited cooking skills and tools. I want to create fabulously delicious food that is both healthy and comforting. Food that’s interesting and that everyone will enjoy.

I now work as a freelance writer and blogger, writing about anything to do with food, whether that’s recipes, reviews, or the latest trends. If you’re interested in working with me or learning more about what I do, please head to my Contact page.

I believe in homemade cooking; it is the best way to enjoy healthy, balanced and nutritious meals. And homemade cooking should be at the heart of every kitchen, helping you to eat well and feel amazing. The possibilities with food are endless, and there’s so much pleasure to be derived from food and eating well. And this is what infoodieheaven is all about.

So join me at the table, grab a fork and dig in.